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If you operate a newer model automotive vehicle, chances are you are using a chip or transponder key system. These handy keys contain built in radio emitting circuitry that sends a signal to your car's computer system, telling it what to do.

Transponder keys take the place of the older, manual keys, and they have proven to be a safer, and much more convenient invention. Using your chip keys, you can: Seattle Locksmith

  • Lock and unlock your car doors
  • Lock and unlock your car trunk and even open it
  • Start your vehicle
  • Set and disable your car alarm

The reason transponder keys are a safer alternative to manual keys is that it is very difficult to make a quick copy of a chip key. Imagine for a moment that you valet park your vehicle. If you were using a manual key, a valet attendant could theoretically go and make a copy of your key while you were having dinner, or taking in a movie. The transponder key could not be so easily copied as the key signal code must match the car's inner computer code perfectly, or it will simply not start.

If you need service for your transponder keys, be sure to call Seattle Locksmith. We offer a quicker, more convenient, and cost effective way to get assistance with your chip keys. We can expertly service all makes and models of automobiles. We work on-site, right at the location of your car. This means no towing fees, or wasted hours at the car dealership. Call our helpful staff for more information, or for pricing.

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