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You are on the way to take a loved one to the doctor. You start the car, and the ignition key snaps in half. The car started, but how are you going to remove the broken off half, and use the car later? You don't have all day to get it fixed at the car dealer's. What do you do?

You own a local bakery. It is the middle of the night. Your night baker locked himself out of the building by accident, while accepting a delivery. He can't get back inside; you've got the day's inventory in the oven. You have to get him back inside the bakery soon. What do you do now?

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Lock and key emergencies always happen at the wrong times. Sometimes these emergencies are due to human error, or crime. Other times, it may be caused by pure accident, or even nature. Whatever the cause, the best cure for a locksmith emergency, is to be prepared as much as possible.

Locksmiths in Seattle recommends following these easy tips:

  • Try to be as aware as possible, of where you, and your belongings are at all times. This includes your car, your wallet, your purse, your cell phone, your key ring, etc.
  • Try and maintain your locks in as good a shape as possible. Have sticking keys, and locks checked for damage, and fixed as soon as possible; finicky locks are a warning sign for future problems.
  • Don't scrimp when it comes to buying lock products. You get what you pay for. Seattle Locksmith has top quality products at very reasonable prices and rates.
  • Enter our Seattle Locksmith telephone number into your cell phone as soon as possible. Having 24-hour access to our technicians is a smart move on your part.

If a locksmith emergency happens to you – don't panic. You need to keep your wits about you in order to deal with it. Don't waste valuable time, trying to look for a phone book, or calling for unknown lock assistance. Call our Seattle Locksmith telephone number, and let our live-answer, 24-hour dispatchers know what is going on. We know the Seattle, WA. area well, and can have our mobile locksmith vehicles on the road to your location within 15 minutes of your call to us. With our emergency lock and key service, you will never be stranded, or feel abandoned for very long. Our over 27 years of combined experience, has given us the valuable field experience, and know-how needed, to deal with just about any emergency locksmith situation you can imagine, like:

  • Lost keys
  • Damaged lock mechanisms
  • Broken keys
  • Stolen keys
  • Auto trunks that will not open
  • Vandalism and other intentional crimes
  • Children or pets locked in cars, or houses
  • Emergency lock picks
  • Safes and vaults that won't open
  • Walk in refrigerator and freezer accidents
  • Malfunctioning Master key systems

Remember, Seattle Locksmith has your back 24/7. Have peace of mind, knowing that expert locksmith help can be on its way to you in mere minutes of your emergency call to us.

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