Want An Eco-Friendly Kitchen? Get Your Guide Here

Aside from showing concern, it is great to see that a lot of us are implementing steps to contribute to the environment’s well being. As part of being sincere with our aim, many of us are making innovations and improvements on our home to make it more environment friendly. The problem is, making these changes can be heavy on the budget for most. Fortunately, there are home improvement experts who can provide tips for the concerned and budget wise.

With the help of Houzz’s staffs, Vanessa Brunner has been able to compile a list of great resources for a Healthy, Ecofriendly Kitchen. Each resource covers a certain item or appliance necessary in the kitchen such as guides when choosing kitchen counter-tops, appliances, lighting,  flooring, back-splash tiles, cabinetry and LED lighting. To supplement the right items needed to make a greener kitchen, there is also a resource or guide on needed changes on our lifestyle.

We do not have to overwhelm ourselves with the idea of changing many parts in our house right away. Starting the improvements in the kitchen can be a great first step though, especially a lot of activities take place there. I have been a little concerned with my kitchen lighting, so I’ll have another look on the guide about that item. via [Houzz]