Hire Commercial Locksmiths To Protect Your Growing Business Empire

It is common knowledge for business owners to call commercial locksmiths whenever they need re-keying services or lock installations. However, what most average business owners do not know is, commercial locksmiths can actually provide a wide range business security related services.

Several businesses and offices have this need to constantly change their locks as well as improve security and access. The reasons for such need range from employee key turnovers, unauthorized key duplication to busted biometric security systems. For larger organizations and institutions, including commercial locksmiths in the workforce is highly necessary.

Image: securitas.com

Image: securitas.com

Master Key System

A master key is a key that can unlock a selected group of doors. Usually, building offices or rooms have doors with locks that each require a different key to open. Commercial locksmiths can create a master key for owners or managers who wish to conveniently access a selected few or even all the doors in their business buildings with just one key.

Restricted Keyway Variety

One of the worries of business owners is unauthorized duplication of their businesses’ keys. For example, they are afraid of the possibility that someone they trust or an employee may decide to have a copy of the key. One method used in the past to discourage key duplication is stamping a mark in the key that says “Do not duplicate”. Although, it is illegal to create copies of keys with this mark, a lot of hardware and even locksmith stores ignore the warning and create copies of the keys anyways. An effective method, is choosing a locksmith that can install restricted keyway variety.

This restricted keyway variety will be registered to the locksmith you have chosen to install it. This means, only the registered locksmith have the key blanks as well as the one who can only create key copies.

Electronic Locks And Biometric Locks

To eliminate the worries provided by keys, commercial locksmiths also recommend the installation of electronic locks and biometric lock systems.  To gain entry to a door with an electronic lock, business owners and employees will only need to input a specific set of combinations or codes. Depending on the biometric lock system, users can acquire access by getting their hand, fingers, eyes or voice scanned.

Emergency Exit Devices

Commercial locksmiths can repair and install emergency exit devices such as the panic bar and the single function lock. Most commercial buildings are required by law to have a single function exit device. If a certain door is considered an emergency exit, then this door should have a panic bar. In case of fire, people can just bump into the door with a panic bar in order to quickly evacuate.

Commercial locksmiths can also install single function locks. These locks have deadbolt locks as well as a lever handle. In case of emergency, users just need to push the lever handle down to simultaneously release the deadbolt locks. Many prefer to use single function locks than panic bars since these locks can provide the security as well as emergency egress requirements.

The list above are just a few of the security enhancement services commercial locksmiths can provide. If you wish to learn more go to Seattle Locksmith Services and Solutions or Call now at (206) 829-8169.