6 Types Of Door Locks Recommended By Residential Locksmiths

image: fingeraccess.com.au

image: fingeraccess.com.au

When it comes to door locks, you need to choose those that are highly recommended by home security professionals such as residential locksmiths. This is because, as there are numerous quality locks available, not all of them can stay within your budget. Aside from making sure that the locks are installed to provide its full potential, locksmiths can also recommend the best yet affordable door locks in the market today.

Residential Locksmiths Recommendations

1. Deadbolt Locks -  These are the most commonly used type of locks used on residential doors. They can help prevent break in by locking doors to the frame of your house.  The two kinds of deadbolt locks include the single and double cylinder.

2. Keyless Entry Systems –  The popularity of these types of locks has grown tremendously these past years. Aside from the advanced level of security, they also promote convenience by providing you more control over your locks. These locks have both audio and visual indicators which can inform or alert you when doors are secured. To further enhance security, you can also have them connected to an alarm system. While a bit expensive, the added security can be worth the price.

3. Entry Locksets – These are doorknobs that have built in locks, which can be locked from both the inside and outside of your house. They are not that popular when it comes to lock strength so it is wise that they are used together with another type of lock.

4. Night Latches – They possess an automatic locking feature and are normally installed inside a door. This is recommended to home owners who often make second-guesses whether they locked their doors or not. As they can automatically lock whenever a door is closed, they can be great when installed together with deadbolt locks.

5. Handlesets – They combine the locksets and deadbolt and are usually available in 1 or 2 piece units. Like deadbolt locks they are also commonly used in residential homes. However, they are not that popular when it comes to providing adequate security to a door so it is recommended that they are used together with deadbolt locks.

6. Mortise Locks – They are composed of flat, rectangular boxes that can fit within a recess of your door. These locks are popularly used in apartment building entrances and residential doors. Considering the outside knob has not been locked, the latches of mortise locks can be operated from either the interior or exterior side of the door. From the outside you can unlock the deadbolt and latchbolt.

Aside from having a door built from strong materials, it is vital that you get a strong, quality lock installed in it. If you wish to have your doors secured without spending a lot of money then you should avail the assistance of a residential locksmith especially that they can recommend the best yet affordable locks as well as provide affordable lock installation services.