There Are Jobs!..Not Enough Workers

There are actually numerous high paying jobs available yet still, a lot of people remain unemployed. Heidi Golledge shares in Don’t graduate if you don’t have the latest tech skills that a large number of these jobs require technological or engineering training in which only an insignificant percent of graduates have.

High-tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Intel are rapidly growing and are having a hard time filling up their workforce even with the availability of numerous new college graduates. These companies are even getting workers with the necessary skills from different parts of the globe.

Hiring workers from different countries is not that easy for these high tech companies as the federal government’s current immigration policy limited awards to just 65,000 high-skilled H-1B visas to prospective workers per year. However, there is a new plan in the U.S Senate that can be disadvantageous to American engineers which is the increase of 110,000 high-skilled H-1B visas per year.

Even with the 110,000 high-skilled H-1B visas per year plan, Heidi Golledge explains that hi-tech companies will still have a hard time getting qualified workers to help with their expansion. U.S. Senate, Brad Smith, general counsel of Microsoft, shares in CNET:
“The U.S. economy is producing more high-skilled jobs than there are qualified people to fill them…This skills gap unquestionably is impeding our country’s economic prosperity.”

For graduates who have limited technical skills, they can always get further education that won’t require much time such as with simple, quick, and inexpensive online courses. Americans need to be informed and convinced to acquire degrees that can fit the changing economy. via [CNET]