Locksmith Exposes Homeowners’ Simple Security Mistakes

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After hiring a locksmith to install the locks and home security systems, a lot of people tend to be overconfident or think they have it all together. They forget about their contributions or their part as a homeowner having the necessary security needs. While, locksmiths can definitely enhance your home’s security in a way that it is burglar proof, there are some simple mistakes that can render these enhancements useless.

5 Simple Mistakes Homeowners Commit

Hidden Key

Some people who are afraid of losing or leaving their home keys decide to just hide their keys somewhere outside their home. Although, you may think that you have an ingenious hiding place near your exterior door that is no way to be discovered by anyone, think again. There are highly experienced burglars that know all the possible hiding places. Some are even extremely good in finding clues that can direct them to your invisible hiding place.

Forgetting To Set And Maintain Alarm Systems

Forgetting to set up your alarm systems may have happened to you a few times. You may be even glad that nothing bad happened while they are non-operational. This may become a habit and setting up your alarm may not be as essential to you as it is before. Do not let this happen since there is always a risk of break-ins and you will feel bad of having all the alarm systems installed yet not experience the use of them.

Try to check your alarm systems from time to time if they are still working properly. Once you feel or think there is something wrong with your devices, have them inspected or fixed by your locksmith.

Over Exposing Your Valuables

Sometimes you can’t avoid opening your windows at day time especially when you wish to get more sunlight inside and get a view of the outside. What you can do is, not putting your most valuable things near the window where anyone can see and easily reach. In the evening, make sure to provide some minimum barrier so people cannot fully see your home interior from the outside. At night, your home is clearly visible yet you cannot see who or what is lurking outside in the dark, so be careful.

Providing Access To Your Tools

Most burglars are highly resourceful. Make sure not to leave any tools outside your home in which burglars can use on you and your home. Before you enter your home, check to see if your garage door is closed and if you have left any tools outside your home.

Inadequate Lighting

Do not neglect the significance of adequate lighting outside your home. In the dark, intruders can easily hide in the shadows and avoid being spotted by you or your neighbors. Place lighting near your garage, exterior doors and windows. You can also add motion light detectors if you like. These lights only turns on once they have detected any movements in the shadows. To install motion detectors, you can acquire the services of locksmiths especially that they know the best places where they can be more efficient.

Although, you have all the necessary locks and home security systems installed by your locksmith, there are a few things you need to remember and do to make your home truly burglar proof. If you still do not have all the necessary security installed in your home, you may first need to find a reliable and certified locksmith to add them for you.

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