King Edison combines a chandelier and a light bulb

Image: Gizmag

Image: Gizmag

In a post written by Ben Coxworth of Gizmag, he shares about a lamp that is a mixture of a Kings chandelier and an Edison bulb called the King Edison Pendant Lamp designed by UK designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia.

Ben Coxworth explains that though chandeliers can often be extravagant, they can also take a large part of space as well as can gather numerous dusts. Taking this concern into consideration, Coxworth shares his admiration of the idea of creating a chandelier that is encased in a light bulb-like globe. In Coxworth’s post, he describes:

the light consists of a working brass chandelier situated within a hand-blown glass sphere, with a 2-meter (6.6-ft) braided silk-covered power cord that runs up to a supplied ceiling rose. It requires a 12-volt power supply, and a transformer is included.

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