In Time You Will Want Glass Walls


Image: World House Design

More and more homeowners love the idea of glass walls these days especially that they add a modern twist to traditional home designs as well as keep rooms warm and insulated. Aside from creating a sense of openness and space, glass walls have proven efficient in promoting privacy as well as protection.

For strength and durability, glass walls have been reinforced with special materials and technology, allowing them to match regular walls. These walls are even tested to meet government building codes as well as created with an extra layer for higher insulation.

In a post written by David Darga, he shares new innovations for the home with glass walls. This type of walls are usually sought after by homeowners who desire more sunlight into their homes as well as wish to have view of their homes beautiful scenery. There are also homeowners across the country who wish to install these walls to promote an open space effect.

There is no need to worry for ultraviolet rays to fade furniture since there are glass walls that are built with special invisible coatings. There are even types that come with multiple panes having argon or krypton glass so cool air is preserved during summer months. If you feel you need some privacy, there are glass walls that can activate a tint upon your command.

Aside from their openness and free feeling effect, glass walls are commonly sought after for the beauty and modernity they add to a structure. While there are those who are uncomfortable with the idea of including them in their home’s design, many innovations are taking place to make them suitable to fit these people’s needs. via [World House Design]